“As well as being knowledgeable and thorough, Sandra is open to share and explain the physical & practical points of Acupuncture. Sandra works on a much deeper holistic, she really listens and makes you feel individually nurtured and peaceful during the sessions. She is flexible and accommodating too. Acupuncture with Sandra made me feel like I was taking some ownership and care of myself during a very stressful and clinically invasive & controlling process of IVF”

Nicky H, November 2016

“I had my first acupuncture appointment some 10 years ago. Initially this was to deal with anxiety and panic attacks and also problems with sinuses. I found the treatments surprisingly relaxing. I wasn’t sure what to expect, if the needles were going to be painful but I could hardly feel them. I have seen Sandra repeatedly over the years for various ailments and health issues and I would highly recommend Sandra and acupuncture to anyone looking for an alternative to the conventional treatment”

Beata T, October 2017

“I had Acupuncture for the on going headaches and some joint pain associated with Lupus.Sandra made me very comfortable which helped when she put the needles in. There maybe one needle that I felt going in but it did not hurt. I did feel a slight tingling sensation whilst the needles were in, but again this was not uncomfortable and Sandra did explain what I may feel as she inserting the needles.I had relief from my headache for a few days after the treatment along with the joint pain.Through the sessions I was always reassured on what was going on and found it easy to relax which helped the treatment. I would and have recommended Sandra to others”

Sonya J, January 2016

“I first heard about fertility Acupuncture whilst on my quest for a baby. I’d suffered two heartbreaking miscarriages and was willing to try anything that might help! In hindsight I am so glad that I found Sandra as it was the best thing I could have done. She was professional, understanding and sympathetic. The treatment helped me to stay relaxed, calm and positive throughout my pregnancy. I really looked forward to the weekly sessions. In fact I found it so helpful that 4 years later when I was ready to try for a second child I didn’t hesitate to contact her again. I honestly believe that without her treatment I wouldn’t be a mother to two beautiful children today. I don’t think that I could ever convey to her the positive impact her treatment had on my life at a point when I was at my lowest. I would happily recommend her to anyone trying to conceive or anyone struggling with pregnancy after loss”

Tina S, 2018

” I had my first acupuncture session with Sandra yesterday, she was very friendly and thorough with asking about my medical history and previous health issues. I have tendinitis in my thumb with a permanent bulging vein. After the session the swelling in my thumb has dramatically lessened and I felt so relaxed. I will definitely be back for more sessions!”

Lianne R, February 2019

“Amazing holistic care in a very calm and relaxed environment, Sandra has helped me overcome many ailments naturally. Would definitely recommend anyone to give it a try”

Laura M, 2017

“Sandra’s gentle approach and patience in listening to me before my treatment was lovely. I could then tell that Sandra was working with me and the condition/issue I came to her for. Her acupuncture routine was soothing and worked greatly in feeling relaxed and clearing blocks for me. This is personal care, attention and healing.
I’m am proud to say for her, that I will see Sandra again and again and recommend anyone to her that is considering having a positively beneficial treatment”

Pinny L, March 2019

“5 months ago, I started acupuncture with Sandra. A friend in common suggest her treatment to me, for some time I wanted to try it. I read about all its health benefits. When Sandra placed the needles in my body I felt like in a relaxed, cloud like state. Thanks to her acupuncture, my period has been less painful, I feel much better with myself, since it helps me to stay calm and see a positive life!”

Alice R, December 2018

“In the autumn of 2016 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and after surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy my whole body had been put under a lot of physical trauma. I needed help to sooth my aches and pains, so I decided to try acupuncture. I remember how calm and comfortable I felt during my first treatment. Sandra’s soothing voice and manner, as well as her clear explanations about the placement of the needles in my body, put my mind at peace. Right after my first treatment, I felt calm and later on fell into a deep afternoon sleep! It was wonderful, especially considering the very disrupted sleep pattern caused by my deep anxiety following conventional treatment! Sandra also worked on other areas of my body to help for example with oedemas in my limbs, menopausal symptoms that had been triggered by chemotherapy, blood circulation etc…I would highly recommend Sandra as an acupuncture practitioner. She obviously loves her job, she does it so well because not only is she a good and patient listener, she is very professional, yet gentle, and so knowledgeable. Today after over a year of regular treatments with Sandra, I can say how happy I am to have Sandra as my practitioner”

Diana W, February 2019